Hellboy 20th Anniversary Art Show

I'm really glad for have been invited to be part of the upcoming "Hellboy 20th Anniversary Art Show" at Hero Complex Gallery (Los Angeles) alongside great artists, including Mike Mignola!

Encantado de haber sido invitado a formar parte de la exposición homenaje a Hellboy en su 20 aniversario, organizada por Hero Complex Gallery (Los Angeles) junto a grandes artistas, incluído Mike Mignola!

 Hellboy Junior
Acrylics On Wood / Acrílico Sobre Madera
11,2"x8" / 28x20cms

Los Daggers Son Los Buenos

"Los Daggers Son Los Buenos"
Acrílico sobre Parche de Batería / Acrylics on Drum Patch

Home Tunes vs Road Songs

"Have Blues Will Travel"
Acrílico & Tinta sobre papel / Acrylics & Ink on Paper

Wim Wenders Meets Spanish Culture

 Paris, Texas, Spain
Acrílico sobre Botijo / Acrylics on Earthenware Water Jar



The Gruesomes Microportraits

Mr. Weirdly Gruesome
Acrylics on Paper
3,2"x2,6" Artwork / 5,2"x4,4" Framed


Mrs. Creepella Gruesome
Acrylics on Paper
3,2"x2,6" Artwork / 5,2"x4,4" Framed

Catz! An Art Show

My piece for the Catz! Art Show organized by Ltd. Art Gallery (Seattle).

Penny Sells Out To Evil
Acrylics on Wood
Original 24"x12" / 60x30cms

Limited Edition of 20 hand numbered Giclee Prints on Cold Press Paper (12"x22") available at Ltd. Art Gallery

Lucky Mojo

 The Root Doctor
Acrylics on Wood
4,8" x 3,6" Artwork / 7,2 " x 6" Framed
Available at The Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine's Brooklyn Biennial Submissional

I'm really pleased to have been selected to be part of the Brooklyn Biennial Submissional and have been so well received by The Cotton Candy Machine. Moreover the opening was very fun!


 The Magic Number
Acrylics on Wood
16" x 12" Artwork / 20,8" x 16,8" Framed
Available at The Cotton Candy Machine

  Inspired by classic Mouse video (Girl Skateboards 1996)

"Kids Adventures" An 80's Films Art Show

Mis dos piezas para la nueva exposición de Susanita's Little Gallery. Esta vez se trata de obras inspiradas en películas ochenteras de fantasía, terror y aventuras.
My two new pieces for "Kids Adventures", the last art show by Susanita's Little Galleryinspired this time by fantasy, horror and adventure films from the eighties.

Zoltar Speaks
Acrylics on Wood
12" x 15,7" Artwork / 15,6" x 19,3" Framed
Available here


The Road Warrior
Acrylics on Wood 
11,8" x 9,4" Artwork / 15,6" x 13,2" Framed
Available here

Kids Adventures

Un detalle de mi pieza para "Kids Adventures", la próxima exposición de Susanita's Little Gallery.